Treatment Approach

The Glenholme School is a supportive and nurturing learning environment where great care is taken to construct a setting that supports students’ unique needs. The goal of the program is to build upon individual strengths, interests and talents, and foster students’ academic, social, and emotional success. To help students acquire the skills needed in order to achieve their goals, Glenholme’s motivational and instructional program melds a myriad of techniques and evidence-based practices together to create a conceptually sound and efficacious treatment model. Glenholme’s motivational and instructional program utilizes teaching methodologies from both Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), providing a positively-based treatment model that teaches new behaviors while rendering maladaptive behaviors ineffective, inefficient, or irrelevant.

All aspects of The Glenholme School’s treatment milieu are delivered using the Positive Behavior Intervention Support model, measured by our token economy system, and defined by our core values. Faculty provide instruction through any area of learning using the concepts of the Quantum Learning Program to ensure the audio, kinesthetic and visual learner are attended to.®

Character Education is a decision-making model for youth and adults. It is consistent and easy to understand and provides definitions to the Token Economy. The character traits of Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, and Honesty are part of the school’s culture and are visible in all the ways we function. Quantum Learning ® is a powerful educational methodology that creates a strong learning environment which increases teacher effectiveness and improves student performance. It is here, where learning and valuable lessons are infused in a daily activity or classroom, being mindful of their responsibility to their own integrity, failure can lead to success, speaking with a good purpose and recognizing their ownership, to be flexible and see to it that life has the balance they need to be successful.


The Token Economy is the school’s universal measure of student performance, which provides a means where a student can monitor his or her progress throughout the day. Meeting expectations is rewarded through the Token Economy, hourly, daily, and weekly. Campus privileges are earned for maintaining or advancing one’s token status.

The Behavior Area of the Glenholme program assists with the implementation of the child’s behavioral treatment plan, provides analysis of services and modifies each child’s program as directed by the Treatment Team under the supervision of the Director of Milieu Treatment. Clinical psychologists, executive administrators, and the Director of Milieu Treatment are available in both the education and boarding environments for crisis prevention, individual intervention, ongoing training, and instruction to faculty. Using this systemic approach, all staff are educated about the theory and application of PBIS methodology and the science of Applied Behavior Analysis.