Each student’s specific therapeutic needs will be assessed during the admissions process and throughout the student’s time in the program. Therapeutic services are provided in the form of individual sessions with the student’s social worker and in-vivo therapy within the cottage, classroom, and group activity settings. A cognitive behavioral approach is utilized in therapy sessions, with a focus on improving coping skills, social skills, and problem solving strategies. An emphasis is placed on the student transferring these newly learned skills to other settings.

In-Vivo Sessions

In order for a student to begin generalizing the skills he or she has learned in individual sessions to the settings where the skills are most needed, the social worker will observe and interact with the student in the student’s own environment. While in the student’s environment, the social worker will predict the emergence of socialization opportunities or environmental triggers for maladaptive behavior, and cue the student to utilize the skills that he or she has practiced in individual sessions. Following the student’s attempt to socialize or practice a coping skill, the social worker will provide constructive feedback regarding the student’s performance, including discussion of both successes and further learning opportunities. All in-vivo coaching is done in the most discreet manner possible. Thus, when the social worker is in the student’s environment, he or she would ask to speak with the student for a moment and then coach or provide feedback in such a manner as to not be overheard by the student’s peer group.

Family Therapy

Family therapy at Glenholme is designed to assist the student in transferring their gains in treatment back to the home setting. Family therapy therefore focuses on equipping parents with the same Positive Behavior Support strategies that our faculty are trained to employ with the students. Clinicians individualize their family sessions to focus on the unique goals and concerns of each family, and work within the behavioral framework to help address specific issues as they arise.