Technology and Education

At Glenholme, we believe challenging students with a well-rounded educational curriculum with the technology of today is the best possible method of preparing them for successful lives in a complex, dynamic, and global world.
To help students develop the skills necessary for the 21st century, Glenholme is a lap top environment. All students learn to use the lap top as a tool to assist in their education. The education program provides additional resources and support for each student’s technological growth and development, through computer lab classes, professional staff support, and a strong use of smart boards located in every classroom.

The on-line learning program with VHS (Virtual High School) Collaborative adds an extra dimension to the Glenholme curriculum and is a valuable tool for advanced learners and college-bound students. On-Line Learning provides students with comprehensive educational options with AP courses choices or additional course work that can complement their current studies.

Glenholme School Technology Graphic 2