Saddle-Up To Glenholme

Become a monthly sponsor to one of our equine friends


“Saddle-Up to Glenholme” is an automatic monthly donation program, you can direct your donation towards the care of a specific Glenholme horse of your choosing, Meet Our Herd.

Monthly support will help provide adequate care, including nutritional, bedding, veterinary, dental, and hoof maintenance needs.

These delightful sentient beings offer students animal assisted therapy, educational, and recreational opportunities, horsemanship and stable management instruction. There is an undeniable connection between horses and humans; young people once uncertain and shy develop confidence and communication skills through time spent with these magnificent creatures, who offer unbiased feedback, equines are optimal partners to teach social skills as well as compassion and care for others.

Sign up, download this form, and your debit or credit card will be billed each month.

Annual donors will be posted at the stall door of your chosen horse and become a club member of the Saddled Up herd!!


 If you are interested in more information about Saddle-Up to Glenholme, please contact Courtney Delaney, Director of Development, at 860-868-7377 , Ext. 221, or