Transition Services

Students are on one of two “tracks”- headed for college or headed to career. We offer services to support success in either or both. The purpose of the program is to prepare students for independent living- whatever that may look like for them. We teach students how to access a bank, how to interview, how to act at work, how to stay healthy (mentally and physically), etc. Students gain real life experience in the community and on campus. We attempt to teach in the classroom then apply in the real world. Students work on campus before they work off campus (below see on campus employment opportunities so far- there could be more!). Job coaches are provided to students for on and off campus jobs as long as the student needs that resource. There are special activities/off campus excursions on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and every other weekend that students help plan.

Below, find the classes taught by transitional living staff as well as the on campus employment options for students in transition.

Transition Classes:
• Independent Living
• Executive Functioning
• Career Coaching
• Money Management
• Life Skills
• Healthy Living
• Food for Thought

Students work on campus as:
• Cafeteria Assistant
• Kitchen Assistant
• School Store Assistant
• Art Center Assistant
• Equestrian Assistant

Students also have supervisory roles for the school play and sports teams.