The Glenholme School Celebrates Creativity for International Creativity Month

International Creativity Month is a splendid reminder to celebrate the power and importance of creativity and ingenuity. Glenholme recognizes the significance of fostering creativity in students as a positive means of social, emotional, and educational development and ultimately success. Artistic expression is embraced, valued, and encouraged at Glenholme and International Creativity Month presents a magnificent… Read more »


Before heading into the holiday break, students started working on a campus-wide gratitude project as a way to start the day in the best possible way. In first period each day, students put their pens to paper to write a simple note of thanks. The results of the few moments each morning to reflect are… Read more »

The Glenholme School Distinguishes Outstanding Faculty

The Glenholme School recognizes caring and compassionate contributions of the direct care faculty are essential to the success of students and annually distinguishes one outstanding employee with the Thomas Donovan Culture of Caring award. This year The Glenholme School, Devereux’s Connecticut center, has the esteemed pleasure to name Sarah Soto as the school’s 2015 Thomas… Read more »