Prom Approaches

On the first Saturday of June, Glenholme seniors and their guests enjoy the pinnacle event of the school’s social calendar. Prom! A whirlwind of excitement awaits. Preparations, pre-prom reception, photo moments, and stretch limousines lead up to a wondrous “Night Under the Stars” at the Washington Club. Watch for the full Prom story next week.

Celebrating Their Next Step

In late May, Transition students gathered on the Common’s patio with friends and faculty to say a fond farewell to another successful year. Warmhearted conversations, delightful snacks and celebratory dancing were shared by all. Glenholme’s comprehensive transition program provides students with practical experiences and supportive services to prepare them to successful navigate the challenges of… Read more »

Discover & Nurture Your Artsy Side at Glenholme

Have you heard that you can discover and nurture your artsy side at Glenholme? There is a vast array of options from school day courses to extracurricular activities to get you on your way. Learn the piano or the guitar, printmaking, photography, dancing, theater lighting, filming, news casting and even delve into the culinary arts…. Read more »

ADHD, Creativity, and the Concept of Group Intelligence

NRC, a program of CHADD, recently circulated an article to its newsletter subscribers. They asked, “When you have a small group of people working on a problem, does it help to include a member who has ADHD? Research shows that maybe it does.” Peter Gray, PhD, wrote in Psychology Today “ADHD, Creativity, and the Concept… Read more »