Parenting Tip: Handling Free Time Over Vacation

With the vacation at hand, we thought it would be helpful to offer ways to structure your child’s time at home. There can be significant differences between home and school, and this difference can be attributed in part to the level of structured activity on campus. So while at home, and without the school’s resources… Read more »

Glenholme Graduation 2016!

Amidst bright skies, inspirational words, and jovial gatherings, the seventeen members of The Glenholme School Class of 2016, robed in their regalia of blue and white, received their diplomas and celebrated their achievements on Wednesday, June 22. The independent, coeducational, special needs boarding school began its twelfth commencement exercises with the processional walk from the… Read more »

Yearbook Signing Signals Success

It is an art to signing a yearbook successfully. When the pen is put to a yearbook page, it becomes something everyone can see and read. Students of Glenholme clearly understand this. Earlier this week, they exchanged yearbooks, applied thoughtfulness, made their entries interesting and personal, and even spelled out their acronyms (as today’s abbreviations… Read more »

Recognizing Academic-Achievers with the Year-End Awards Ceremony

Acknowledging achievements, even in a small way, is known to increase positive emotions such as pride, happiness, and self-confidence. There is a mounting body of research that correlates the regular cultivation of positive emotions with psychological well-being, resilience and living longer. Glenholme understands that celebrating academic achievement is essential for students. Not only does it… Read more »