It’s Kickball Competition

Over the years, kickball has been a popular evening and weekend activity. Now, that kickball has joined the interscholastic sports lineup at Glenholme, more students are excited to be part of a competitive athletic team and learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, and commitment. Last week, the Glenholme Grizzlies challenged the Eagles of Maplebrook School in a… Read more »

Winston Turns Three

Just after his official 3rd (human years) birthday on May 8th, students gathered together to celebrate Winston’s special day. According to the Dog Age Calculator on, Winston is actually 28 years old (dog years) — experience that certainly shows through his work as a gregarious, gentle, and loving therapy dog at Glenholme. Many students… Read more »

Glenholme Students Aim to Help Flint Kids

A water crisis is a sickening situation for the people of any community to face. In an effort to inspire others for the common good, students of Glenholme are working to support the needs of Flint kids and their families with their T-shirt sales campaign, “ Flint Kids.” Although a recent report on indicates that… Read more »