The Barbecue Offers Healthy Fare

The barbecue lunches during the Summer Session at Glenholme offer students loads of healthy lunch fare that not only fuels them with the energy they need to make it through their busy day, it’s also fun to eat.

Structuring Time at Home through Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to structure time at home, while giving back to your community and fostering a sense of social responsibility in your child. Young people, who have participated in community service activities gain confidence, build social skills, learn to work with others, and feel good about themselves and the contributions they are… Read more »

CHADD “Islands of Competence.”

CHADD, a national resource on ADHD, recently shared a newsletter article on “Islands of Competence.” The “Q&A: What are Islands of Competence?” shares the importance of identifying strengths (the islands of competence) of each child and building those strengths as a means of helping children develop resilience and a healthy self-esteem. Read the full article… Read more »

Off Campus Adventures & Excursions

Each year, the annual Parents’ Weekend Celebration and Benefit affords families countless opportunity to win from a myriad specialty items and activities for their students. Many favor the off-campus trips and extraordinary event opportunities which canvas New York, Connecticut and surrounding states. In recent months, students have enjoyed a new Head of School for a… Read more »