Leveraging Our Skills for a Better Life

For many young people, transitioning to adult life is particularly challenging. One reason may be the lack of self-awareness and the knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few hidden benefits to learning about our behaviors and leveraging them for a better life. – Practice focusing on a constructive objective – Learn to… Read more »

Summertime is a Spirited Time at Glenholme

Summertime is many people’s favorite time of the year, particularly for students. In New England, summer brings warm weather, bright blue skies, lush lawns and cheerful flowers. It also means it’s the ideal time for continued learning with added summertime activities. Many students from across the globe travel to Glenholme’s beautiful location in Connecticut to… Read more »

Students Get Started on Summer Learning

Summers off from school that are filled with fun have a significant, yet unintended, consequence: educational underachievement. According to the National Summer Learning Association, decades of research confirm that if students are not engaged in learning during summer months, they lose essential skills in math and reading. Glenholme understands the importance of this fact. While… Read more »

Memories of Our Special Friends

Four seniors of Glenholme, Lia, Courtney Jiliann and Sammi, recently gathered in the library to share their memories and thoughts about the school’s therapy dogs, Winston and Toby. CHECK OUT VIDEO ON YouTube Courtney recalled on her first visit to the school, she was upset and scared. When she saw Toby, Glenholme’s first therapy dog,… Read more »