Glenholme Admissions Goes Global

All week long, Glenholme Admissions officers are traveling abroad. During their newest coordinated LD networking and recruitment venture with Brehm and Gow, they will be meeting with education professionals and families in Mexico, Panama and the Cayman Islands. As with previous efforts, the team anticipates success in spreading awareness for special needs focused schools. With… Read more »

Glenholme Recognizes National Robotics Week

Developing Tech-Savvy Students at Glenholme National Robotics Week, April 2- 10, is the ideal time to celebrate technology and how it improves our lives. At Glenholme, we are looking back at the beginning of the school’s robotics program in 2008, which coincides with the inaugural year for National Robotics Week. It was an exciting season… Read more »

Faculty Applaud Outstanding Student

On Wednesday, the Glenholme community assembled in the gymnasium to distinguish Cassidy with the coveted Student of the Month award. During the gathering, education faculty members covertly recognized Cassidy for her incredible work ethic, strong sense of responsibility, and admirable character values. Cassidy has grown into an exceptional student, who is energetic, hardworking, and a… Read more »

The Gifted Artists of Glenholme Take the Stage

Last week pooches, percussionists, and players astounded a full-house in The Center for the Arts. Dozens of staff and students delivered solos, duets and ensemble numbers to the audience’s delight. The emcees added just the right dash of comical, yet vital, information to keep the show running smoothly. Each year, the gifted artists within the Glenholme… Read more »