Glenholme Applauds Receiver of the 2016 Supervisory Excellence Award

Glenholme recognizes the heart of the school’s success with students is the dedication and compassion of staff. In a time-honored practice to recognize the leader who exhibits an unwavering commitment to the mission of the school, as well as conveys integrity, and fosters professional and personal growth of his or her staff, the school recognizes… Read more »

Glenholme Delivers Television Broadcast

Glenholme recently collaborated with the creative team at “VOICES IN AMERICA” to deliver a first-of-its-kind television broadcast effort for the school: a six-minute interstitial segment and a one-minute commercial showcasing the essence of the school in an effort to inform audiences of educational options for students with special needs. The one-minute commercials aired regionally in… Read more »

Yale Alley Cats Inspire Artists at Glenholme

The Yale Alley Cats, an all underclassman a cappella group from Yale University, entertained and inspired the young artists of Glenholme with an evening performance and workshop on Friday, April 8. Eleven of the fourteen Alley Cat members delivered an astounding a cappella arrangement of songs reflecting their extraordinary diversity, energetic nature, and rich tradition…. Read more »

Glenholme Tennis: Game! Set! Match!

Clear skies rolled in for the Glenholme Tennis home opener against the impressive squad of The Kildonan School. With the unusual weather this spring, pre-season preparation has been difficult and Wednesday’s match up was ideal for learning the game and strengthening performance— both for the Grizzlies and their opponents. Overall it was an excellent experience… Read more »