CHADD “Islands of Competence.”

CHADD, a national resource on ADHD, recently shared a newsletter article on “Islands of Competence.” The “Q&A: What are Islands of Competence?” shares the importance of identifying strengths (the islands of competence) of each child and building those strengths as a means of helping children develop resilience and a healthy self-esteem. Read the full article… Read more »

Off Campus Adventures & Excursions

Each year, the annual Parents’ Weekend Celebration and Benefit affords families countless opportunity to win from a myriad specialty items and activities for their students. Many favor the off-campus trips and extraordinary event opportunities which canvas New York, Connecticut and surrounding states. In recent months, students have enjoyed a new Head of School for a… Read more »

Leveraging Our Skills for a Better Life

For many young people, transitioning to adult life is particularly challenging. One reason may be the lack of self-awareness and the knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few hidden benefits to learning about our behaviors and leveraging them for a better life. – Practice focusing on a constructive objective – Learn to… Read more »

Summertime is a Spirited Time at Glenholme

Summertime is many people’s favorite time of the year, particularly for students. In New England, summer brings warm weather, bright blue skies, lush lawns and cheerful flowers. It also means it’s the ideal time for continued learning with added summertime activities. Many students from across the globe travel to Glenholme’s beautiful location in Connecticut to… Read more »