Artistic Minds Collaborate: Glenholme & Ghetto Film

Students and faculty of Glenholme are delighted to be collaborating with a team of creative young minds from Ghetto Film School. Throughout the week, the joint crew of moviemakers will be capturing footage for two silent short films. The stories and screenplays for shorts, “Lemonade Stand” and “Security Camera,” were written by Glenholme students and… Read more »

The Barbecue Offers Healthy Fare

The barbecue lunches during the Summer Session at Glenholme offer students loads of healthy lunch fare that not only fuels them with the energy they need to make it through their busy day, it’s also fun to eat.

Structuring Time at Home through Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to structure time at home, while giving back to your community and fostering a sense of social responsibility in your child. Young people, who have participated in community service activities gain confidence, build social skills, learn to work with others, and feel good about themselves and the contributions they are… Read more »