New LEGO Building at Glenholme

Creativity and teamwork are valuable skills — whether they are employed for learning in school, in our careers, or needed for everyday life. The New LEGO Building at Glenholme will not only allow students to employ these skills, but it also gives them an opportunity to bring their ideas to life in a meaningful and… Read more »

Warmest Wishes From Glenholme

Warmest wishes from all of us at Glenholme for a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving holiday! The Glenholme School is grateful for you! Please enjoy a few of our Thanksgiving memories Just prior to the school break this year, Native American Culture was Celebrated. Last year, former Glenholme student, Emily, shared her story “Eat a Cranberry Day”  along with two… Read more »

Phantom Tollbooth Astonished All

Last week performers transported their audience through the Phantom Tollbooth and to the Land of Wisdom at Glenholme. Milo, Tock, the Humbug, the Mathmagician, Gatekeeper of Dictionopolis, Wordsnatchers, the Spelling Bee, Lethargarians, the Princesses Rhyme and Reason, and the many other creative characters magically came to life on stage in the arts center. It was… Read more »

Native American Culture Celebrated

Glenholme welcomes people from across the world and enjoys the diverse philosophies and cultural experiences they bring to campus. With November being Native American Heritage Month, staff and students celebrated the culture with an incredible traditional meal of the Choctaw, who are Native American people of the South West. A kitchen staff, who is a… Read more »