VLOG_28_ Internet Safety

Yesterday students learned about internet safety from Scott Driscoll, president of Internet Safety Concepts. “The mission of Internet Safety Concepts is to help families learn about being safe while using the Internet and other technology. The Internet can be a fun and educational place, but if not used properly or with safety in mind, it Read More »

Celebrating the Cayman Islands

Glenholme’s Culture & Diversity Club has a tradition of celebrating the heritage of our students from different parts of the world. Last week Aaron addressed the school community during a special lunch celebrating The Cayman Islands. The focus was on the annual celebration, National Heroes Day, where different people are honored and celebrated. This year Read More »

Getting To Know Glenholme – Open Mic

Wednesday’s are brave days for student to perform in the dining hall to the audience of staff and students. The preparation that goes into each “star” involves signing up their commitment, practicing daily, while mustering up their “stage face”. The philosophy of the music program and its vitality for young people who struggle socially and Read More »