IECA National Conference

Admissions director David Dunleavy and admissions associate Libby Ogren are pictured here by Chicago’s famous Riverwalk. They are in the Windy City attending the Independent Educational Consultant Association national conference.

Admissions Director David Dunleavy – Burlington, Vt

The abundance of Moose Crossing signs is hard to miss along I-89 heading to Burlington, Vermont. Admissions director David Dunleavy stayed in Burlington for several days last week while visiting Wilderness-based programs and schools before heading via ferry across Lake Champlain to connect with schools in the Lake Placid area. Although the landscape is spread Read More »

VLOG_35_ Recycling

Mr. Noyes and Ms. Swanson talk about Earth Day, recycling and the efforts being made here at Glenholme. The video also includes a special shout-out to Mr. Lautenschlager on a job well done!!