Glenholme GEO- A Praying Mantis

Careful where you step! A praying mantis has been busy cleaning up the gardens near the entrance of the Glenholme building. The mantis is an expert at catching plant-destroying aphids and mites with its spiked front legs. The mantis is so beneficial to botanical settings in Connecticut that it has been named the state’s official Read More »

Sentinels at the Gate

Like sentinels at the gate, several turkey vultures give off their warning sign to an unwelcome photographer along a horse fence at Glenholme. But don’t think these guards work for peanuts, they don’t. Instead they prefer to scavenge carrion. The raptors, first discovered nesting in Connecticut in the 1930s, can have a wingspan of up Read More »

Glenholme Geo

From time to time Glenholme Geo will present interesting tidbits and oddities of our environment right here on campus. Almost overnight a strange orange clump of jack-o-lantern mushrooms appeared amid the draping limbs of a sturdy oak near the Glenholme building. The fungal display adds a vivid contrast of colors amid the brown-and-green shades of Read More »

First Day Of School

Happy First Day of school! Glenholme students started their first day of school with a morning assembly. Ms. Murphy, director of education, led the event with a warm welcome to everyone. Looking forward to another amazing year at Glenholme.