Health & Wellness Recap / VIDEO

In today’s dynamic world with our ever-evolving lifestyles, it’s increasingly important to keep Health & Wellness in our daily routines and practices. Every few weeks, we have the Glenholme Walk/Run planned for all staff and student. In preparation for our next event, it only seems fitting to give you a video recap of the entertaining,… Read more »

Obstacle Course Challenges

Obstacle course challenges are pure fun for everyone. On a hot afternoon in July, students happily took to the gymnasium for a well thought out physically and mentally challenging obstacle course. Hoops, crunches and climbing were just some of the course fun.

International Week

For several years, Glenholme students from around the globe join together and learn about other countries and experience different cultures during International Week. Interest and commitment to cross-cultural learning and understanding are prevalent year-round at Glenholme. As a result, the effort has grown. This is good news for all of us, for our role as… Read more »