February is for Celebrating Friendships

February, as International Friendship Month, makes the ideal time to celebrate the extraordinary bonds created among friends. Since 1968, students from around the world join the Glenholme community and are welcomed into the learning tradition that transcends the boundaries of the traditional school philosophy and invites knowledge, kindness and friendship into every aspect of life…. Read more »

In Their Own Words – Students Recommend Glenholme

Students and alumni from around the world are impassioned to share the impact Glenholme has had on them. Opportunities, acceptance, preparation, executive functions and empowerment are just a few aspects mentioned. “This is one of the most accepting places in the world.” “You make friends right away” “The teachers not only become a teacher to… Read more »

Youth Leadership Illuminated

February, Youth Leadership Month, illuminates the importance of youth leadership opportunities and the benefits they afford young people. At Glenholme, there are many ways students can choose to take a leadership role. The long-established Student Council is a popular forum for leadership at the school. It is a safe place for students and staff to… Read more »