Glenholme GEO: Eight-Point Buck

Mr. Morehouse photographed this eight-point buck in his yard recently. Bucks, or male deer, grow antlers each year and then shed them. When the antlers grow in each year, they are covered in a soft tissue known as velvet, which the deer rubs off against trees.  Antlers are made of bone that contain extra collagen, Read More »

October Awards Ceremony

Mr. Cipriani talks about our monthly awards ceremony celebrating the success of Glenholme students and staff.Congratulations to: Sarah – EducationVarick – BoardingCamille – Core ValuesSpirit of Service Award – Mr. Bailey

Glenholme GEO: Northern Watersnake

This northern watersnake was found recently along a dirt road in Macedonia State Park in Kent. The non-venomous snake has a large range from Maine to North Carolina. These snakes do well in farm ponds and reservoirs. Curious by nature, this brown-toned reptile will swim right up to people wading in water. The snake will Read More »