Greater Transparency Urged For College Disability Services

Transitioning to higher education and adult life can be challenging, particularly for young adults on the autism spectrum and those with special needs. In 2006, after nearly four decades of success with students with special needs, Glenholme expanded its services to include post-graduate and transition programs for young adults, ages 18 to 21, with high… Read more »

The Support Reflects a Cohesive Community

A positive school climate is infused with kindness and compassion. It is an interconnected atmosphere that directly contributes to the academic success of students by influencing the degree to which students actively participate in learning. This includes how consistently they attend school, how attentive they are in class, how conscientiously they complete their assignments, and… Read more »

Things to Say

Adolescents, despite their protests, need adults and want them to be part of their lives, recognizing that adults can nurture, teach, guide, and protect them on the journey to adulthood. Directing the courage and creativity of adolescents into healthy pursuits is part of what successfully guiding, teaching, or mentoring of an adolescent is all about…. Read more »

Students Deliver Feasts to Families in Need

Year after year, the giving at Glenholme grows stronger and each effort has a positive influence on every student individually, the Glenholme community in its entirety, as well as our neighboring townships. By practicing philanthropy with such gusto, students develop a strong sense of personal accomplishment and gain new perspectives, as they develop strong character… Read more »