Students Choreograph Weekly Newscasts

Creating a weekly television program is a tall order for any team of teenagers. At Glenholme, a team of seven students have just four short days to pre-plan, amass, and assemble all of the elements for their weekly newscast. Choreographing is the key to creating each successful newscast. Students in the Glenholme News take this pre-planning… Read more »

Winston – Our Wonderful Therapy Pug

Through the centuries, man and animal have shared powerful connections. These connections are evident all around us. At Glenholme, our furry friends are integral to the social, emotional and behavioral growth of students.  Through the animal-assisted therapy program, students learn to reduce anxiety and stress while developing empathy, positive relationship skills, and more.  Recently one… Read more »

Black History Month

Glenholme students recognize the importance of Black History Month and celebrate a culture that has made signification contributions to our nation in fields such as the sciences, politics, and the arts – especially music. Through various displays and educational opportunities, students engage in valuable discussions about past, present and future concerns related to the African… Read more »