More About The Van Sinderen Reunion at Glenholme

The Glenholme School hosted four generations of the Van Sinderen family on Saturday, September 12, 2015.  A beautiful early autumn day welcomed over 45 Van Sinderen family members to their former summer home, the estate of Adrian and Jean White Van Sinderen, which was gifted to Devereux 50 years ago to create a school for… Read more »

With Great Joy

Four generations of the Van Sinderen family delightfully gathered at Glenholme on Saturday for a reunion and commemoration of the gift of Glenholme by Jean White Van Sinderen to Devereux in 1965. Delightful conversation over lunch, campus tours, and student performances engendered (or inspired) wonderful remarks about the school and all of its offerings for… Read more »

Glenholme Celebrated Boarding Faculty – Boarding Appreciation Week

This week was a special time to formally recognize and thank the boarding faculty for all the work they do with students throughout the program. The boarding faculty understands the importance of planning and implementing engaging activities. The instructional nature of these activities is a key motivator for students’ desire to achieve and be recognized for… Read more »

The Importance Of Executive Functioning Skills

Glenholme recognizes the importance of executive functioning skills for students with special needs and expanded the curriculum to include a new course in executive functioning this year.  The course expands the comprehensive campus-wide program for executive functioning skills instruction. While fifteen students are currently enrolled in the new course this semester, the goal is for… Read more »