Glenholme Students Hail From Around the Globe

Glenholme warmly welcomes a diverse student population from across the nation and around the globe. Students contribute to and partake in a multicultural learning experience which promotes respect for diversity. The school believes a well-rounded cross-cultural education is paramount for preparing young people for successful lives in this dynamic, diverse, and multifaceted global world we… Read more »

Glenholme Basketball has Magical Moments

There is a goal for the Glenholme interscholastic sports program — a goal that is hyped by many other schools and local sporting clubs has true meaning and outcomes at Glenholme. The Goal: Fostering health and wellness, while building school spirit and strong friendships. In achieving this goal — particularly for students with special needs… Read more »

Students Choreograph Weekly Newscasts

Creating a weekly television program is a tall order for any team of teenagers. At Glenholme, a team of seven students have just four short days to pre-plan, amass, and assemble all of the elements for their weekly newscast. Choreographing is the key to creating each successful newscast. Students in the Glenholme News take this pre-planning… Read more »