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Silver Linings Glimmer for David O. Russell and Glenholme

The night of October 23, 2013 in New York City belonged to David O. Russell and The Glenholme School. The event was a private occasion to benefit Glenholme’s Scholarship Fund during which celebrated screenwriter and director, David O. Russell, was honored for his efforts to raising society’s awareness of mental health conditions through his portrayal of the characters in his movie, Silver Linings Playbook. Even with his many filmmaking achievements, Mr. Russell is foremost a devoted father of a Glenholme student. The Glenholme School, a 12-month boarding school, serves students with Asperger’s, ADHD, Tourette’s, PDD, anxiety and various learning differences.

Glenholme at Bryant Park Grill

Created by the Glenholme Planning and Development Board, the annual event at the Bryant Park Grill aims to help those who need the life-changing program provided by the school. Now in its third year, the benefit is the pinnacle of the events calendar for Glenholme and its many supporters in New York City. Guests enjoyed a cocktail hour, an exquisite buffet dinner, a raffle, a silent auction, the award presentation, and the live auction assisted by Mr. Russell and actress Natalie Dormer, who is starring in The Counselor and the upcoming Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

The festivities began with mixing and mingling guests and Glenholme administration. A welcome address by Glenholme Executive Director Maryann Campbell thanked the board members and brought attention to the purpose of the evening with a touching video featuring the success of one student whose graduation from Glenholme was only made possible by a scholarship. Conversations about the school and its many offerings were had among the nearly 200 guests as they enjoyed their dinner and the silent auction.

Jason Katims, producer of the NBC hit television series Parenthood, addressed the guests with a heartwarming speech. He spoke of the indelible effect portraying individuals with special needs on the small screen has had on raising awareness. He also noted, “The Glenholme School has been a life changing experience for…our family. They have the program, the philosophy, the staff, the resources, the campus and the conviction to give our son what we believe is his best and greatest chance in life.” He concluded with, “I am honored to be part of this group gathered here…This is a night dedicated to helping every child we possibly can to benefit from the incredible gift that Glenholme has to offer these kids.”

Glenholme Assistant Executive Director Dr. Patrick Queenan spoke of David O. Russell, noting “Tonight we honor David in particular because he has used the national platform that he has gained through two Oscar nominated movies to bring attention and awareness to the field of mental health and the needs of individuals and families, both through his presence on numerous television shows and his presence in the White House. He has done so much in the past year to make individuals with mental health issues be more accepted.”

And with that, Glenholme Board Co-Chairs Douglas Bowen and Barbara Feeney came forward to present Mr. Russell with Excelsior! — an exquisite award, designed by Mrs. Feeney, to commemorate Mr. Russell’s personal efforts in championing health awareness and for advancing the mission of The Glenholme School. Executive Director Maryann Campbell returned to the podium and with her words about Mr. Russell, brought the crowd to their feet for a standing ovation.

David Russell Award

As the honors and speeches ended, the bidding began. Bidders flashed their paddles with excitement for the highly sought-after trips and opportunities. The live auction effort was boosted by the charming, friendly, and effective team of Mr. Russell and actress Natalie Dormer. Together they auctioned off a handful of once-in-a-lifetime walk-on movie roles in one of Mr. Russell’s upcoming films, raising more than 20% of the $266,000 for the school..

The third annual evening at Bryant Park Grill to benefit the Glenholme Scholarship was simply astonishing. The many incredible contributions acknowledge the positive influence the Glenholme program can have on young people with special needs and their families.

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