In-Home Consultations

The In-Home Consultation provides families with the unique opportunity to have Glenholme professionals provide customized recommendations suited perfectly to their homes. Familiarity with a family’s community, neighborhood, and living space equips us with the practical understanding needed to provide guidance meaningful to the specific needs and resources of each family. The In-Home Consultation is coordinated by a family’s social worker, and may include additional behavioral or clinical experts. After completing a needs assessment with the parents and assessing the physical environment, including layout and the child’s access to reinforcing activities, we provide personalized guidance and suggestions to help enhance structure and positive behavioral supports.

When appropriate, the child may participate in the consultation, affording the opportunity for Glenholme staff to model for parents' successful behavior management of difficulties they typically encounter in the home environment. Additionally, experiencing the presence of Glenholme professionals in one’s home can have a powerful impact on a student’s ability to accept the incorporation of the Glenholme program into their home environment. Following the In-Home Consultation, the social worker provides a written summary of the family’s personalized clinical recommendations.