Frequently Asked Questions

What is the make up of the Glenholme student population?
Glenholme has 105 co-ed boarding students, usually 2/3 male and 1/3 female. Students come from across the United States and several foreign countries.

Does Glenholme provide scholarships or financial aid?
Glenholme does not provide scholarships or financial aid at this time.

Where will my son/daughter live?
Students living experience; home like cottages which are complete with kitchen and dining facilities designed for comfort. Older students learn to prepare breakfast and dinner as part of their everyday learning experience. There are 10- 12 students per cottage and typically two students per bedroom.

Can my son/daughter bring a computer?
Glenholme requires that all students purchase a school laptop. Students have access to their laptops throughout the school day as well as in their cottage to email home, do homework and research projects. Internet access is carefully monitored.

What extracurricular activities are offered?
Glenholme offers a variety of cultural activities, which include arts, drama, instrumental music and chorus, technology, web site design, video communications, radio station, photography, community service and the equestrian program.
For those students interested in sports, Glenholme provides a variety of intramural and interscholastic activities, which include soccer, basketball, softball, tennis, track and field, swimming, volleyball, cheerleading, hiking, archery and go-carts.

Can my son/daughter earn high school community service credits?
Yes, Glenholme students earn community service credits toward their graduation requirement. Glenholme provides an extensive community service program. All students are encouraged to participate in projects that benefit the surrounding communities.

Will the Glenholme academic program challenge my son/daughter?
Glenholme offers small, ungraded classes with certified special education teachers who deliver a quality education to enhance the student’s academic strengths and remediate their educational difficulties. Glenholme is accredited and licensed by various state boards of education. Credits earned at Glenholme are recognized toward graduation requirements.

Where do your graduates go from Glenholme?
Glenholme graduates have followed a variety of paths. Some went on to college, while many continued their education in traditional day schools and boarding schools. Here is a sampling of where our graduates have gone:
Aldern Academy     Newport Day School
Allen Institute     Nicholls State University
American University     Paul Smith College
The Art Institute of America     Perkiomen School
Bethesda Boys School     Ramaz School
Brehm Preparatory School     The Rectory School
Cheshire Academy     Rock Point School
College Internship Program     Rumsey Hall School
The Cottage School     Sacred Heart Academy
Culinary Institute     Sherwood Conservatory of Music at Columbia College
Darrow School     South Kent School
Franklin Academy     Southwest Junior College
The Gow School     Stevenson School
Hoosac School     St. Thomas Aquinas College
Kents Hill School     University of Colorado
Kew Forest School     University of Hartford
King George School     University of South Carolina Sumter
The Lab School     Vista Program
Marymount Manhattan College     Westchester Community College
Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center     Western CT State University
Mitchell College     Westfield State College
New Hope Academy     The Woodhall School

What international airport is closest to Glenholme?
The Bradley International Airport which services the Hartford/Springfield area is approximately 1 ½ hours from Glenholme (click here for directions).