What is the make-up of the Glenholme student population?

Glenholme has 105 co-ed boarding students, usually two thirds male and one third female.  Students come from across the United States and several foreign countries, and range in age from 10 to 21 years old.

Glenholme students come from a variety of backgrounds but are looking for an academic setting to meet both their academic and social/emotional needs. Please see the Criteria section of the website for greater detail.


Where will my son/daughter live?

Students live in comfortable cottages that are complete with updated kitchen and dining facilities designed look and feel like home. The cozy design of each cottage provides ample opportunity for students to practice their home care skills. There are 10- 12 students per cottage and typically two students per bedroom.


Can my son/daughter bring electronics?

Glenholme students are provided a school laptop which they have access to throughout the school day as well as in their cottage to email home, do homework and research projects. Internet access is carefully monitored by Glenholme staff.

Cell phones, tablets, cameras and other wireless devices are not permitted.


What extracurricular activities are offered?

Glenholme offers a variety of extracurricular opportunities, which include visual arts, drama, instrumental music and chorus, technology, robotics, photography, community service and the equestrian program.

In addition to use of the campus fitness center, Glenholme provides a variety of intramural and interscholastic sports which include but are not limited to soccer, basketball, softball, tennis, swimming, volleyball, Frisbee golf, flag-football, and capture the flag.

What are weekends like at Glenholme? Weekends at Glenholme do not consist of academic classes, but time and activities are structured to provide ample opportunity for social growth.  Students participate in activities both on and off campus  that are related to the arts, sports, cooking, technology, music and more.   How will my child’s academic curriculum be developed? Glenholme offers small classes with certified special education teachers who deliver a quality education to enhance the student’s academic strengths and remediate their educational difficulties. Glenholme is accredited and licensed by various state boards of education and based on the requirements of the Common Core. A student’s class schedule will be based on academic testing, transcript, IEP, and information gleaned during student interview.   Where do your graduates go from Glenholme? Glenholme graduates follow a variety of paths based on the best interest of the individual student and goals of their family. Some graduates go to on to college or vocational programs, while others continue their education at more traditional day or boarding schools.   What is the average length of stay? The average length of stay at Glenholme is about 2 years.   Do you accept insurance? The Glenholme School is not able to accept insurance coverage at this time.   Admissions Office Contact Information: Phone: 860-868-7377 Fax: 860-868-7413 E-mail: admissions@theglenholmeschool.org Down Load our View Book  Secure Online Inquiry Form