For Parents


Just as a “present” parent is crucial when a child lives at home, so is that parent’s participation integral when the child is living at a therapeutic boarding school. Just because the child is away from home, the parents are not absolved from being contributors in the ongoing therapy. Glenholme has invested considerable resources in developing a curriculum for parents. This is in response to parent feedback and the school’s belief in encouraging consistency between the home and school settings. Glenholme’s outcome studies have demonstrated that the more involved families are, the better the child’s progress will be.

It is difficult for a student to be immersed in a milieu therapy and then, when they are just hitting their stride four to six weeks in, they go home for a vacation. It is important that on these breaks, that parents continue the behavior techniques used at Glenholme. For this reason, parents can attend training at Glenholme’s Friday Seminar Series, Parent’s Day, and Family Therapy sessions are available on campus, as well as In-Home Consultations and Parent Retreats are available to parents.

The Glenholme School places a heavy emphasis on parent education. Glenholme’s Friday Seminar Series is a training series featuring the curriculum and other behavioral training. It is offered to parents on Friday afternoons before they pick up their child for a weekend visit. The goal of the seminars is to provide the same training to parents that is provided to staff, in order to increase the consistency between the treatment program and home so that treatment gains can be transferred to other settings outside the treatment program. Parents who attended the Friday Seminar Series were more likely to utilize the behavioral techniques that are trained.

Steps have already been taken to improve the availability of the training through videotaping and webcasting seminars for parents who live far away from the campus.

Children of parents who utilize these opportunities and apply the behavioral techniques are more likely to have higher rates of improvement in their behaviors when compared to children whose parents have not been involved in the educational offerings.

Devereux Glenholme social workers offer parents skills in motivating siblings, positive relationships, structuring time, praising effectively, and problem solving, during monthly seminars. This Family Education Program is an opportunity to facilitate each child's growth and development and have a positive experience with their child.

Topics include:

Building Relationships
Making Reinforcement Contingent
Praising Effectively
Making Requests That Work
Verbal Warnings/ Dealing with Coercion
Using Time-Out
Structuring Time at Home (Hints for the Holidays)
Teaching Alternative Behaviors
Praising Effectively
Problem Solving
Making Requests That Work
Motivating Siblings to Have Positive Relationships
Structuring Time at Home (Preparing for Summer & Graduation)

Parent Seminars 2013-2014 Video Recordings
Back to Basics / Sept.20,2013/ 36 minutes