Food For Thought

Students of The Glenholme School are able to participate in an exceptional Culinary Program – one that not only empowers them with the prospects of a career in the intriguing food service industry but also affords them an ideal venue to practice skills acquired throughout the Glenholme program. The culinary curriculum is steeped with a variety of opportunities for students including a school-day course, evening activities, and Summer Program options.

A favorite among students is the school-day course, Food for Thought. In this incredibly engaging class, students learn skills through individual and group instruction with books and videos, oral presentations, modeling, role playing, and actual demonstrations. The course encompasses hospitality, food preparation, communication, basic culinary skills, food theory, nutrition, and sanitation and safety. Students take the practical skills gained from their lessons and apply them in the real life setting of the student-operated on-campus restaurant – The Commons Café. In this high-spirited atmosphere, they learn to manage the rigors of a fully operational food and beverage establishment as they perform all the “front of the house” and “back of the house” day-to-day operations from hosting, waiting tables and managing the point of order register to front-line food preparation and cooking, bussing tables and cleaning.

The Culinary Program at Glenholme emphasizes the life skills essential to a healthy lifestyle and self-sufficiency including punctuality, work ethics and etiquette, team work and problem solving , organization and multi-tasking, basic computer literacy, and cash management. In addition to these skills, students develop critical thinking skills along with their own sense of pride and professionalism that are fundamental to developing a successful career.

Evening activities and Summer Program options encompass the lighter-side of the culinary industry. Iron Chef, Healthy Eating, and sushi-making are just a taste of the many varying opportunities available to students outside of their normal school day.

The Culinary Program at Glenholme strives to create highly engaging activities to encourage social competency, cooperation, problem solving, and the use of increased coping skills. The success of the Culinary Program is evident, many students have directly benefited from real life experience in the on-campus café and several graduates in recent years have chosen to pursue the culinary field as their life’s calling.