Enrichment Program

Glenholme feels that nurturing a variety of interests in our students is an important enterprise. Glenholme’s Enrichment Program provides a forum for students to be involved in a wide variety of offerings every day immediately following their academic day. The Enrichment program is a mix of academic related support programs that are either required by faculty or requested by students and programming that has a high interest and investment factor and is based on student request. Support groups are usually year long groups. Many of the student chosen groups are run for a semester so the students have the opportunity to try new programs for the second semester.

Support programs include, academic assistance in math and Spanish, communication groups, supervised study hall for students who are struggling with homework, post secondary careers and college explorations, and Regents testing study groups. Student chosen activities are varied and fall into the following categories: student government, art, music, drama, technology, robotics, fitness and sports related activities, cooking, animal care, games and hobbies. Students have a different offering each day of the week throughout each semester. These programs use highly engaging activities to encourage social competency, cooperation, problem solving, and the use of increased coping skills.
Programs in sports, fitness, music, and drama continue on into the evening program.