Community Service

The Glenholme School prepares students to understand the social expectations as a member of the community. With community service learning as an integral part of the school’s culture, Glenholme enriches the academic content and fosters the value of caring and service in students.

Students regularly lead or participate in community service activities that allow them to experience the diversity of life and acquire a sense of the community beyond the school’s boundaries. Individualized learning approaches are applied to hands-on service opportunities that match each student’s skills and abilities.

The goal of Devereux Glenholme’s Community Service Program is to have students develop those values and behaviors of good citizenship and prove to themselves and their neighbors that they can play an influential role in shaping their community.

The Devereux Glenholme Community Service Program has been nationally recognized and selected as a "Teaching Example" of the "Presidents' Summit for America's Future." Devereux Glenholme students have participated in innovative service learning activities and have completed over 7,000hours of community service since 2000.

Listed are services Glenholme students have provided to the community:

* Weekly visits to nursing homes
* Annual Red Cross blood drive
* Senior citizen extracurricular activities: Senior Prom, Ice Cream Social, and T-ball
* Tournament
* Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt
* Food and clothing drives for local food banks / homeless shelters
* "Caring Garden" maintenance and donations
* Reading Program