College Support

Students who are pursuing a college education, technical certificate and/or career training are guided and supported to develop useful study habits, effective time management, and valuable social strategies. The hallmark of a successful young adult includes strong social capabilities, effective problem solving, and the ability to manage competing demands. The Transition Program utilizes a social coaching model to support the growth and success of students in these areas. This experience is in conjunction with local colleges and universities.

Online courses are offered to provide greater flexibility for students who prefer supplemental coursework and are participating in a vocational portion of the program. Students can enroll in certificate and degree programs as they gain competence and confidence at work and in the community.

Together with the university disability services office, Glenholme Transition advisors assure that appropriate accommodations, manageable schedules and the proper learning tools are in place. The program provides academic and life coaches on the premises to teach and support effective self-advocacy, goal attainment, and organizational strategies.