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A Devereaux Center - An exceptional boarding school for students with special needs

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2019 Softball Team!

The interscholastic sports program at Glenholme promotes health and wellness, while fostering school spirit, cooperation, and strong friendships. Through regular participation in competitive sports, including soccer, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, tennis and softball, students at Glenholme learn the importance of perseverance and become more confident in their own strengths and abilities. Go Grizzlies!

Red Nose Day Everyday Heroes

The Glenholme School Red Nose Day Everyday Heroes 2019

Tuesday we had a celebration for our staff and student “Red Nose Day Everyday Heroes.” Students and staff received and proudly wore t-shirts in recognition of their efforts for the campus wide fundraiser. Here is a photo of just a few of our enthusiastic participants. Special Thanks To All Staff and Students!

Red Nose Day a Success at Glenhome!

Globally we donated $206 through the purchase of the red noses, red nose day pins and bracelets at Walgreens. This goes to the comic relief fund that addresses childhood hunger, lack of housing, and lack of medical care.  In addition we raised $1,000, which was used to buy food for a local food bank. Special thanks Read More »