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Glenholme Student of the Month March 2019

CONGRATULATIONS!On Wednesday students, faculty, and administrators gathered in the Center for the Arts for our Student of the Month assembly. Congratulations to Chris for receiving the Education award, Ava the Boarding award, and Gwen, the Core Values Student of the Month Award. Job well done!!

Happy Pi Day!

Glenholme Student Pi-Day 2019_3

Every year (well since 2009), Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th as this date numerically represents the first three digits of pi (3.14). Today our students participated in the Pi Day Challenge where they attempted to recite as many digits of pi as they could. Here were the results: Our overall school winner, Herrick! Read More »

Pep Rally 2019

Glenholme Student Pep Rally 2019 _4

Yesterday’s Pep Rally was great and it was clear that the students had a good time and that the basketball and cheer-leading teams were proud to be up before the whole school. Special thanks need to go to Mrs. Therault, Ms. Brown and The Collective Student Council who organized it all so that everyone could Read More »

VLOG_30 Heritage Day

Getting to Know Glenholme Heritage Day

VLOG_30_Getting To Know Glenholme_Heritage_Day Noah talks about The Glenholme Community celebrating Heritage Day, the birthday of Ms. Jean White Van Sinderen. Another Great Day At Glenholme!