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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences at Glenholme

Today marks the start of Parent-Teacher Conferences at Glenholme. Each conference gives a view of academic life and fosters a cohesive and meaningful partnership between parents and faculty members that will aid in bolstering student growth and academic achievement. Research continues to highlight the connection between parent involvement and student success. The involvement of parents… Read more »

Values and Character

Glenholme Basketball Team TMB

Glenholme’s core values are the framework for instructing students on the development of strong character and morals. The athletics program is an ideal platform for practicing these values, and quality sportsmanship is a strong indication of demonstrating good character among opponents. Recently, the Glenholme basketball team received a confirmation of their demonstration of sportsmanship. After… Read more »

Study: For Those With Autism, Fixations Can Be Beneficial

Parents and teachers should do more to embrace the preferred interests of those with autism, researchers say, pointing out that such aptitudes can be calming and form the basis for careers. Individuals on the spectrum often display intense interests in topics like computers, animals or trains. Traditionally, many experts thought that such preferences might inhibit… Read more »