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A Devereaux Center - An exceptional boarding school for students with special needs

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Strategies for Learning

There are powerful learning strategies that make learning easier for students. Learning how to learn, especially for students who struggle, can lead to academic success. Many schools excel at teaching the concrete subject matter, such as names, dates, numbers, and various facts. But giving instruction in the art of learning itself—the development of that vital… Read more »

Graced with the Presence of Horses

Everyone at Glenholme is graced with the presence of horses. Recently the small team of majestic creatures greeted guests and passers-by as they grazed in the paddocks in front of the Glenholme building. With decades of therapeutic success, the equestrian program offers students of all skill levels a wonderful opportunity to enhance their lives through… Read more »

Education Open House: Faculty and Families Connect

Each year, the Education Open House offers parents an excellent introduction into the academic program and the curriculum for the new school year at Glenholme. In an afternoon, parents follow an abbreviated schedule for their students, meet teachers, discuss course objectives and curriculum, and clear the way for constructive communication. With 16 families in attendance,… Read more »