Glenholme’s athletic program is designed to contribute to the health, wellness and team spirit of the school’s student community.  Fair play, handling the thrill of winning and learning graceful defeat are skills that are designed to transfer to classroom, home and useful in developing lasting friendships.  Character values are part of the instructional skills that teach and support teamwork, responsibility, respect, fairness and honesty.  Many of the students participate in interscholastic sports, proudly bearing the blue and gold of our Grizzlies.  The remainder of the school’s student community pursue other physical activities through their choice of recreational programming.  Often these activities form levels of intramural sport events that enjoy moderate levels of team development.

Athletics include, basketball, soccer, softball, tennis, swimming, equestrian, paddle tennis, floor hockey, flag football, frisbee golf, kick ball, relay races.  Programs often expand as a result of the student interests.


Students are provided fitness programming under the guidance and supervision of a certified fitness trainer at the school’s fitness center.

The Glenholme School Fitness Center

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