Admissions Process


In order for a student to be considered for placement, certain documentation is required. Such material includes but is not limited to:

– The school application. To download an application click here. Admissions can also mail, email or fax a copy.

–  A recent psychological, psychoeducational, or neuropsychological evaluation

–  A recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP), if applicable, and latest transcript (if student is of high school age).

– Discharge summaries, if a student has had past hospitalizations.


Student review/evaluation process

Admissions reviews submitted paperwork and conducts interviews with clinicians and school officials to better determine a student’s profile. Qualified candidates are then invited to campus for an evaluation.

The evaluation process generally takes about two hours. Potential candidates tour the campus, if they have not previously done so, and then meet with the Director of Education to determine academic (functioning) levels. Afterwards, the student meets with the school’s clinical director and its executive director.


Equally important to the admissions process is the commitment of parents and legal guardians to Glenholme’s therapeutic program. It is critical that family members are on board with the school program in order for the student to meet with success.   ACCEPTANCE & ENROLLMENT Final decision for acceptance is determined by the Glenholme Administrative Team.  Enrollment can take place once all financial and medical requirements have been met. If students receive public funding a meeting with the school district may be required to restructure the student’s IEP. Students who are accepted but have not enrolled within six months must be re-evaluated. Admissions Office Contact Information: Phone: 860-868-7377 Fax: 860-868-7413 E-mail:
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