The school’s philosophy focuses on the whole experience, learning to live and thrive with others, being an integral part of a learning community through the wealth of program offerings each day. The four ingredients necessary to achieve effective therapeutic treatment are environmental design, planning, consistency and predictability.  Collectively these address the frequent challenges and special needs of each individual.

The boarding environment consists of homes and accommodations that are familiar to young people.  The philanthropy of the original family who owned the property now known as The Glenholme School, their summer home, was donated for the development of young people with disabilities.  “Giving” is a key ingredient of the program’s values and traditions. The moderate sized cottages offer cooking, dining and living spaces that may accommodate up to ten young people in each home.  Boarding faculty provide students with daily hygiene instruction where the treatment plan indicates, as well as care of the home environment, personal belongings and their personal space. Boarding faculty supervise the students twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

After school boarding life is completely instructional and aimed at teaching the skills required for suitable socialization, effective communication, understanding how to cope in difficult situations, recognizing instances that trigger an adverse reaction and learning to replace it with an appropriate behavioral alternative, whereby improving interpersonal relationships as well as an increased positive attitude.  This teaching model mirrors the academics of a traditional classroom.  Activity based instruction is a key factor to effective treatment.

Activities at The Glenholme School

Activities include a well established relationship building curriculum used to guide and educate young people toward positive social and behavioral skill acquisition.  Extra curricula include; chorus, drama, equestrian, dance, visual arts, horticulture, chess, gardening, a go-kart track, community service, golf, running, fitness training, photography, cooking, seasonal clubs and other preferred activities.  Sports include interscholastic and intramural basketball, softball, tennis, swimming and soccer.  Lesson plans integrate student treatment objectives, social skill instruction, behavior management and character values.  Character education and the values prescribed are the fundamental underpinnings of the strength of the program.  Core values address the behaviors, understanding and active demonstration of; Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Kindness, Fairness and Community Service. Weekends are a continuum of preferred activities while incorporating community involvement, attending off campus events such as sports, museums, movies, hiking trails, shopping, restaurant dining, ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing and other seasonal offerings. Skill building is often practiced within various surrounding communities.  Glenholme School is friends to many vendors and shopkeepers who support the school and enjoy the students when they frequent the local institutions. Vacation periods offer destination vacations for those students who travel home less frequently or who are advancing their interests beyond the school borders.  Weekend and vacation opportunities are based on the students’ eligibility which is based on their behavior and program earnings throughout the week.   Here is just a sampling of what is being offered: Soccer, Community Service, Running Club, Chorus, Drama, Voice Lessons, Instrumental Practice, Junior Improv, Senior Improv, Guitar Practice, Group Voice Lessons, Men's Singing Group, Sound Crew, Keyboarding, Drumming, Vocal Practice, Spirit Squad, Senior Playwriting, In the Spotlight, Props & Costumes, Performance Juggling, Guitar Workshop, Dance Team, Ballet, Hip Hop, Devereux Best Dance Crew, Technology Group, The Glenholme News Group, Photography Group