Glenholme GEO – Wild Turkeys

These wild turkeys were caught jaywalking in front of the Glenholme School recently. A group of turkeys is actually known as a rafter. One hundred or so years ago, turkeys were nonexistent in Connecticut due to the clearing of forestland and severe winters. Introduced back into the state in the 1970s, these big birds have thrived thanks to an abundant food source.
This season turkeys will have no trouble fattening up thanks to a bumper crop of acorns, which oak trees produce every other year. And acorns can have a positive effect on other wildlife too. When acorns are aplenty, deer strikes plummet since the animals have little need to leave the woods and cross roadways to find food.
However, don’t take after these turkeys pictured above. Make sure to look both ways before crossing the road!
~ David Dunleavy

Photo by Andrew Morehouse
Photo by Andrew Morehouse