Good Character Helps Build a Better World

Glenholme’s positive school culture is the result of its long-standing Code of Character. In the mid-90’s, Glenholme adopted and championed a character education program and over the following two decades maintained focus on its inspirational school climate and character development of students.

The character values of responsibility, fairness, honesty, and kindness, in conjunction with every day acts of community service endure and are in our everyday interactions at Glenholme. Every member of the school faculty bears a sense of commitment to the mission and responsibility to the culture.

Quite simply, the culture is not only the fabric of who we are, it is our mission and our purpose. A purpose that transforms young people into moral citizens by demonstrating the core values of the school to all who enter it.

Dr. David Fearon, a Central Connecticut State University professor of Organizational Behavior, summed it up well when he presented to Glenholme administration in October of 2016. He heralded,
“Excellence is in the purpose — one that is defined by the Glenholme culture.”

Glenholme’s distinguished success over the last 50 years is evidence that the purpose of modeling good character and strong values builds a better world for young people by helping them develop the tools they need to lead fulfilling and productive lives.