Parents Respond

Parent Appreciation Week at Glenholme is a special time when students focus on the gratitude they have for their parents and for the school community to honor the essential role parents play in a student’s schooling.

Emails, special messages, and hand-made coupons were delivered to parents throughout the first week of 2018. The coupons were especially popular this year. Some ideas included being “Device-Free,” “Going to the gym and working out with mom and dad,” and… we just can’t say enough about the coupon for “24 hours of Quality Time.”

Many parents expressed their joy for the full week of kindness, recognition, and rewards. Here are some of their responses:

“That’s awesome to ‘hear.’ We are very grateful for you and the Commons Program.
Thank you for the email — It has made my day!”

“How Wonderful. Thank You!”

“Thank you, this is a very sweet gesture. And, thanks to all at Glenholme.”

“Thank you so much!! This is the best! So grateful for Glenholme and all that you do for our kids. Happy New Year.”

“Best gift EVER!”

Being kind, caring, respectful, and gracious are rooted in the Glenholme culture. It is a firm belief that demonstrating these qualities builds and enhances the positive school community and experience for all.

Happy Parent Appreciation Week 2018.