Notes from Grateful Glenholme Parents & Students

As we approach Thanksgiving, many will express their feelings of thankfulness. As we take a moment to reflect on our own feelings, here are several recent notes from grateful Glenholme parents and students.

From Brad’s review:
“I was a student from August 94 to August 97. I advise any student to grasp and learn as much as you can at Glenholme. I came into Glenholme missing 5 years of school, which no one knew. I worked on my deficits and cultivated weaknesses. I recommend this school to all parents. Work together, listen, and utilize what you learn. You are very fortunate to have this opportunity to accomplish your goals. Glenholme cares. Take it seriously, be open minded, and listen to what these professionals have to say.”

From a current Glenholme parent:
“Thank you so much for sharing. I agree, it is incredible. You all are talented visionaries. I sincerely appreciate the powers that be for including my daughter in this project. The Glenholme School, staff, parents and community members have made such a positive impact on my daughter’s life. I will be forever grateful for her experiences and opportunities provided while at Glenholme.

A school like Glenholme is only as good as it’s TEAM!! That is the reason why Glenholme is #1!!”

From Karen, a former student:
“I appreciate all the staff at Glenholme. You guys made me feel very independent. I went from that shy little kid to that amazing young woman, who now lives in manhattan on her own. I thank you so much.”

From Cameron, a former student:
“Hi! I just wanted to give you an update on how I’m doing. I’m so blessed!! Think about you often and so happy how much you’ve helped me! I now go to a very small regular high school with very small classes. I miss you and lots of the people there. But, I am doing well. In looking back at when I was at Glenholme, I feel thankful for the tools you gave me to help me succeed. Big love and a big TEXAS hug <3.”