Join us for “Phantom Tollbooth”

Mark your calendars for the live performances of “Phantom Tollbooth.” Wednesday, November 15th at 3pm and Thursday, November 16th at 6pm. Witness the amazing cast and crew transport the audience to another place — the Land of Wisdom.

The quirky fantasy tells how a restless, precocious young boy learns to appreciate the ordinary things in life after a whimsical adventure. It begins when Milo assembles the tollbooth in his bedroom and takes his toy car for a ride through the booth, a whimsical adventure begins.

On this adventure, Milo goes to Dictionpolis, the land of words, Digitopolis, the land of numbers, and meets a quirky cast of characters along the way.

Join us next week for the “Phantom Tollbooth.” It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.