Understanding Empowers You

Here is the recent work of Frank J. Ninivaggi M.D., F.A.P.A., Glenholme’s psychiatrist, “Literacy Rampage: So, You Wanna Be Literate?”

In his words, Dr. Ninivaggi emphasizes, “This article will make vague ideas about learning and its difficulties more transparent and understandable. Understanding empowers you as an adult and a guide for your child.”

In summation, he notes, “Motivation, enthusiasm, and emotion energize one another.” In Dr. Ninivaggi’s new book, Making Sense of Emotion: Innovating Emotional Intelligence, he makes clear “how you can harness emotion to propel intelligence. For people to optimize attention, concentration, and learning, emotions need to be in the right place—intelligently charged with enthusiasm, curiosity, perseverance, and motivation. Emotions fire-up learning.”

Both the article and the book will undoubtedly be highly enlightening reading.