College Visits

The college search and application process is truly a wonderful and exciting time for students. There are so many great schools from which to choose from. It is also a great time for students to begin thinking about how their unique interests might translate into a career.

Going to college fairs is a big step in the college search process. At one fair, there can be hundreds of schools represented. Since this is not always possible, or even the best option, for Glenholme students, the Post-Secondary Coordinator arranges for colleges and universities to visit Glenholme.

This month, she arranged for representatives from a handful of colleges and post-secondary programs to come to campus. Each will highlight their school’s academic program and extracurricular activities – much like the information session that many colleges and universities offer as part of their campus tour.

The schools and programs visiting Glenholme this month are:
Mansfield Hall on Friday, September 7th
Mitchell College on Tuesday September 19th
Curry College on Tuesday September 26th

These information sessions are a great way for college-bound students to get started on researching potential schools. After that, comes college visits — the best, and most fun part, of the college application process. When researching and exploring potential schools, there is truly no better substitute for determining if a campus will feel like home.

Before the tours, students have to narrow down their options. These three schools are a great way to get started.