Ambassadors Welcome New Students

Student Ambassadors at Glenholme fulfill many duties as leaders. Their primary purpose is to assist new students in understanding the benefits of the Glenholme program, in making a smooth transition to the school, and in developing a sense of community. An effort which they began just days into the start of the summer session.

Just this week, the many newly enrolled students joined one of two “New Student Welcome” sessions. In the meetings, the Ambassadors shared information on the educational program and the many opportunities available at Glenholme. They discussed some of the upcoming summer activities including the talent shows, the competitions, and special guests. There was also a question and answer segment in which several new students asked well though-out and relevant questions.

In an enjoyable wrap up, everyone joined in a “Getting to Know You” activity and shared personal fun facts. A sense of community was established through the conversations about shared interests.

One new student noted, “It’s nice to be welcomed by other students. The information and discussions are helpful. This was a really nice way to meet others and get familiar with things.”