Health & Wellness Event

Glenholme’s Culture of Caring philosophy is all-encompassing. Quality continuing education, professional development, and the health & wellness of the staff and faculty are key to promoting the Glenholme culture and the pride in the positive school environment. Enhancing performance at the organization’s most important level, the staff who deliver services to the students entrusted to the care of Glenholme, means that students are more likely to flourish, have enhanced prospects for learning and greater chances of success.

Professional Development and Health and Wellness is just two reasons individuals join the Glenholme team and then choose to stay for many years. Other reasons include:
• Our Students & Families: The noble cause of providing a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of young people, their families, and the community, each year is most certainly a driving force for our staff and faculty members.

• Our Coworkers: They are a solid support system and provide a true team-feeling with a shared passion and drive toward a common goal. Together they create an empowering, positive workplace atmosphere like no other.

• Our Organization & Mission: Glenholme employees are proud to work for an incredible organization doing incredible things! For nearly 50 years, Glenholme has provided unparalleled service to children, adolescents and young adults, with a mission to positively change lives and nurture human potential.

Next week, there’s a campus-wide Health & Wellness event. A time for staff members and students to join together in camaraderie with purpose and, let’s not forget, FUN!