Hooray for Gary. He is headed to Hofstra!

As a decorated Student of the Month and all-around good-natured young man, it is with great pleasure Glenholme faculty give a huge hooray to Gary. He is headed to Hofstra!

Last June, Glenholme staff members and students celebrated Gary when he was honored as Student of the Month for his exceptional character, reliability, and leadership qualities along with his determination to uphold Glenholme’s core values.

In the three years since Gary enrolled, he has grown into a delightful young man with amiable character who is truly well-liked by everyone. His genuine enthusiasm for learning, the great pride he places on his school work, and his insurmountable desire to succeed are taking him to new heights. Just one year since being recognized as Student of the Month, Glenholme faculty unite once again to celebrate Gary.

Kristen Rinas, Gary’s science teacher affirmed, “I have taught Gary Physical Science as well as Biology, and have seen first-hand the progress he has made as a student. When he enrolled, he was immediately well received by the Glenholme student population for his engaging personality and likeable sense of humor. Gary has also been an active member of the school community through his participation in basketball, soccer, and chorus. A hard-working young man who is passionate about reaching his career goals, Gary’s greatest asset is his strong desire to succeed and motivation to attend college.”

Michael Cipriani, Glenholme Physical Education teacher noted, “Gary’s positive attitude and his ability to work well with others – including his opponents — have helped him be successful in the sports program at Glenholme. Gary is a positive influence, a genuine sportsman and consistently upholds the rules and the spirit of the sport. He is a real pleasure to have him playing on the team or assisting on the sideline.”

Gary praised the entire Glenholme program for his success. He said, “I cannot pick just one thing at Glenholme that has helped me or that I have enjoyed the most. I love it all.”

The entire Glenholme community gives a hearty “Hooray to Gary” for his tremendous triumphs. It is with certainty that Gary’s strengths and skills will lend themselves well to his next quest for success — a degree in Accounting at Hofstra University!

Good luck, Gary. We look forward to hearing about your subsequent successes!