Dining Hall Hosts the Lunch Boss

Joe won the distinct honor of being Glenholme Lunch Boss during the Parents’ Weekend silent auction in early May. With a little help from Glenholme staff and the helpful food service manager, Joe selected the school lunch menu for the week.

Caesar Salad, a student favorite, will make its way to the lunch tables each day this week. It’s a new and exciting way to celebrate with salad — there is a different addition to or version of the salad Monday through Friday. Other healthy options, side dishes and yummy desserts are also planned.

Lunch is an important segment of the day. It is a time when everyone has the opportunity to come together, converse about the events of the day, and coordinate other efforts. The meals options are often a big conversation topic about campus, following are Joe’s selections.

Meal 1 is Soup and Salad Day: Caesar Salad with shrimp on the side, potato soup, and Magnum bars.
Meal 2 is an International Mix: Caesar Salad w/ Mexican beef on side with Kiwis and Strawberries, Fruit Smoothie and Tres Leches Cake.
Meal 3 is Spicing Things Up: Caesar Salad with Bang Bang Chicken on the side, Bread Sticks, and French Onion Soup with Eclairs for dessert.
Meal 4 Wraps It Up: Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap, Banana Milk, Broccoli and Corn in that style of a mac and cheese meal, and that special Smores cake desert from Prom.
Meal 5 Sets the Salad on the Side: Personal Chicken Pot Pie, Caesar Salad, Bread Rolls, and Ice Cream Sundaes.

There are also ample healthy food options on the menu and the salad bar is always open for the many health-oriented students and staff.

Being in the limelight during lunch for one week is a rewarding and pleasant way to take on a leadership role, practice public speaking skills and polish the art of conversations. At Glenholme, we believe the positive outcomes from ordinary activities lead to greater triumphs for students. This vision is fundamental to the many Parents’ Weekend auction items.