Academic Findings Exhibited

The annual Academic Fair generated numerous stimulating observations and discoveries by Glenholme students. The schoolhouse was filled with an extraordinary display of well-developed projects included models, samples, demonstrations, observation, and models spanning all educational subjects from the arts to advanced sciences. Students were informed and fluent about their discoveries, and exhibited proficiently to the many scholastic enthusiasts who joined in the meaningful educational venture.

Each year, the Academic Fair provides all students this comprehensive opportunity for growth. Students work hard to research and write papers, construct projects and takes great pride in their work and their presentations — which counts as a major portion of their final quarter’s academic efforts grade.

Congratulations to all students on their exceptional work!

Topics presented in the 2017 Academic Fair include:
US History: The Colonies
The Role of Technology in Astronomy
Influential Authors
The Industrial Revolution
Physics of Rocketry & Newton’s Laws
The Hero’s Journey in Books and Media
Skills for Success
Body Systems in Biology
Economic Marketing & Consumer Choices
Natural Resources & Conservation
Core Values in the Arts
Core Values in Business
¡Que Rico! Holiday Recipes from Latino America
Superhero Fitness