Next Steps of Mindfulness

The concept of mindfulness has existed for over five millennia. Yoga and meditation are two commonly recognized forms of the ages-old practice. While, mindfulness has evolved to better suit the lifestyles and needs of our active lives and minds of today it remains an essential life-skill – a targeted practice to commit to.

While simply pausing and taking a few deep breaths can improve feelings in the moment, it is through regular practice and training where long-lasting results, improved brain health, and that sense of calm can be achieved.

The MindUP™ educational program is a specific set of self-regulatory strategies and social and emotional practices combined with an implementation program designed specifically for the classroom. It is an ideal addition to Glenholme’s existing mindfulness practices and therapeutic services that help students accomplish their goals and meet their needs in a socially acceptable manner. All of which help students build on their unique strengths and abilities.

Through the support of The Maryann Campbell Staff Development Fund, quality professional development of the faculty enhances the program at the organization’s most critical level.

Glenholme firmly believes that students who receive care and instruction from a well-trained team of professionals are more apt to flourish, improve opportunities for learning and gain greater chances of success.

Over the next two days, staff are learning more in the MindUP™ program.

Click here to watch video about The Hawn Foundation – The MindUp Program