Glenholme Tennis: Game! Set! Match!

Clear skies rolled in for the Glenholme Tennis home opener against the impressive squad of The Kildonan School.

With the unusual weather this spring, pre-season preparation has been difficult and Wednesday’s match up was ideal for learning the game and strengthening performance— both for the Grizzlies and their opponents. Overall it was an excellent experience in preparation for the remainder of the season.

The Grizzlies have five more matchs remaining for the 2016 season including Kildonan, Foreman and Maplebrook.

As with other athletic endeavors, the game of tennis provides a great deal of benefits to the participants — spanning physical, mental, and social areas. Through positive experiences both on and off the court, athletes in the Glenholme Interscholastic Athletics Program realize the importance of good sportsmanship and develop a clear sense of camaraderie with their fellow tennis team mates as well as their opponents.

Go Grizzlies!!