Parents are Prized by Students and Staff of Glenholme

For one full week at the start of each New Year, Glenholme celebrates the important role parents play in the lives of their children with Parent Appreciation Week. For the occasion, staff and students shared their favorite activities at the school through fun photos, amusing video clips, sweet notes and surprising phone calls — all the while recognizing the unwavering dedication and ceaseless effort of all parental figures.

The entire Glenholme community acknowledges the communication between a student’s family and the school as essential to student development, especially for special needs students. For this purpose, the school readily encourages parental involvement in their child’s education, and offers training opportunities, support around-the-clock, and many events for parents during the year.

By actively participating in the Glenholme program, parents help align their child’s lives at home with their development at school, which in turn affords more opportunities for success for their student.

While it is not always an easy task, Glenholme parents gracefully rise to the occasion with style and sometimes, a special sense of humor.

Thank You!

Thank You Parents